Casino Bonuses

There are several different types of casino bonuses that players can benefit from. This section of provides information on the main ones.

Deposit Bonus
A deposit bonus is a bonus that is offered by a casino, poker site, or bingo site that is paid to players who open a new account and make their first deposit. Because the deposit bonus is paid to players who sign up for a new account it is also referred to as a sign-up bonus. In some cases an online casino will give you money just for signing up even if you don't deposit any money (see the no-deposit bonus section later), but it is more common for the bonus to be dependent on you depositing real money into your account.

The best deposit bonuses will match whatever you deposit, and in many cases they will give you even more. Other deposit bonuses will give you a fixed amount of money when you deposit a stated minimum. The larger and best deposit bonuses are sometimes called high roller bonuses because some of them allow you to get an extra three or four figures in your account in addition to your deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus
Some online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses to new players. This means that after downloading the casino software and signing up for a real money account (but not depositing any of your own money) you are given a bonus sum of money to play with. Online casinos offer these no-deposit bonuses in order to promote themselves and encourage you to "test-drive" their software. With no deposit required and free money up for grabs, you'd be mad not to look into these offers:

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